Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lies and the Lying Liars...uh, Never Mind.

I think that one of the main reasons that so many on the left and right are against the President's health care proposal (well, technically, it's Congress' bill, but Obama says it's his, so whatever) is that Obama keeps making preposterous claims about his plan. These claims are just so stupid that we all recognize b.s. when we hear it. And we're not buying it.

Take the fervor over Rep Joe Wilson's outburst ("You Lie!"). Obama continues his idiotic claim (yep, his lie) that under his plan, illegal aliens will not be covered or be able to get free health care. THIS STATEMENT IS A LIE! The current bill in Congress does specifically say that illegals are not covered. BUT -- there are no provisions in the bill that require health care providers to establish whether or not the person claiming benefits is legally entitled to them. So even though the left points out there is wording in the bill denying coverage to illegals, it's a hollow requirement.

We have E-Verify for employers to verify that potential workers are here legally. Why not add a provision that says folks must prove that they are legal residents or legal aliens to get insurance coverage from (ugh) the government?

Look -- we have laws that say the drinking age is 21. And we have laws that say the bar or the liquor store must check an ID card to make sure the drinker is of legal age. What's so freaking hard about requiring proof of citizenship or legal residency status?

I'll tell you what's so hard -- the hard left doesn't want it! They want to give universal health care to all who have the matter how they got into this country. I call "bullshit" on this. Prove you're legal, and get coverage.

We can offer health care to the 10 million or so who can't afford it without screwing up the system for the rest of us.

My advice to Congress: Get it done the simple way -- or you're going to find yourself out on your backsides come 2010.

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That cartoon says it well IMO.