Sunday, September 27, 2009

Terrorist in Dallas - and What to Do

I was traveling to Detroit on business this week when the plots were announced. The wife and I drove down to Dallas yesterday from Wisconsin. On our drive, we discussed these terrorist plots recently uncovered, especially the Dallas bomb plot. You see, our son regularly works in the building that was targeted. As soon as she heard about the plot, she called him to make sure he knew.

Now, the folks in Dallas seem be shrugging the entire thing off. At it's heart, I think it's because Texans have a healthy faith in law enforcement. We respect cops and what they do, and we support the FBI and CIA as they try to root out nutjobs like this. We don't really worry too much about our rights getting trampled on. As long as the FBI stops this kind of thing, I'm not going to complain if Dallas Police have a roadblock and want to look in the back of my Suburban before they let me into the parking garage.

But what do we do with this punk?

I'll tell you the first thing we should do: Give him a good beating. Look, the FBI stung this guy. We have the evidence on him, and they actually waited to arrest him until after he tried to blow up what he thought was a bomb. So don't give me any crap about "innocent until proven guilty". He proved himself guilty as soon as he used that cellphone to try to bring down that building.

So here's my prescription for this POS:

1. Waterboard him. I'll supply the water, the board, and the tape recorder. Find out as much as we can about him and who he worked with, as fast as we can, using any means possible. I don't give a good g-damn if we hurt his feelings. Thinking about my son dying in that building if that bomb had gone off gives me all the incentive I need to ignore this SOB's rights. He gave up any rights he had once he started this plot.

2 Shoot him full of drugs. Give him whatever truth drugs are needed to get him to spill. Ruin his brain -- turn it to mush.

3. Once he's done giving us whatever he knows, don't send him to Gitmo. Send him to the Dallas Gun Club. Give good Texans the right to take out our frustrations on this weasel. I want to beat the crap out of him, then shoot him. Happy to do it. No second thoughts, no guilt, no regrets. I will be happy to personally put a bullet in this guy's brain.

I'll tell you something else. Texans are proud...we are proud of Texas and of the United States. We want the FBI protecting us against this kind of plot, and we really want our military along the border with Mexico to close it off (assuming we're not going to build a fence). But if one of these morons gets through, and we find out that the FBI was stringing him along, we'll secede from the union and shoot all Muslims on sight. You mark my words.

I speak for all Dallas natives. If you moved here from NY or Boston or LA...stay out of it.

This is personal.