Sunday, September 06, 2009

Put a Fork in Van Jones

Cause he's done. He now has a little time on his hands to prove how good a green thumb he has. Putter around the garden, grow a few green tomatoes. In the morning we'll hear Obama crying about how it's a shame "we" let the right-wing media run off such a "wonderful fellow". Uh huh. Freaking commie.

Oh, and by the way...kudos to Glenn Beck for bringing this out into the open. About 10pm CDT tonight I went out to,, and, and there was not a word on any of those sites about Jones that I could find. I'll bet this resignation will catch a lot of the left off-guard -- they didn't see it coming because it wasn't being covered in the MSM. You really had to be paying attention to Fox and the conservative blogs to hear or read anything about it.

Next up: Nancy Pelosi will step down from the Speaker's post. Something will "trigger" it.

H/T Who else? Fox News with an AP photo.

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