Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Response to Our Local Politician

Had a local politician come to the door today. Wanted to know where I stood on health care. I know him, and he knows me. He just didn't know I lived here. So he said "hi" and "how's the wife" and "have you seen so-and-so lately". Then I asked him where he stood on Obamacare. He kinda hemmed and hawed, then turned it around on me. I said, "Don't pull that on me...tell me straight out where you stand".

He told me he supported universal care, but was concerned about the price of a public option. I asked him if he'd vote for it, and he said yes. I told him that's exactly why I can't support him. We shook hands, said "see you at the Veteran's Day memorial", and off he went.

Oh, yeah. I gave him one of these. He said "good for you".

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