Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Boss on Obama 9/28

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We are currently in the car driving listening to Fox News. They cut in to let us listen to Obama speaking to the people in Detroit.

Obama has now hit an all time low and has now made the race for the White House a racial race.

He and his campaign people have kept inferring that this is a race based on color and today he point blank played the “slavery” card to rile up the crowd in Detroit. Any wonder why? With the recent scandal of Mayor Kilpatrick, the jobless rate growing every day, housing prices in the Motor City at an all time low and in general a very depressive place to live, Obama steps in to be viewed as the “savior” to lead them out of slavery and into the promise land.

Those people standing on the steps of the Detroit City Library listening to Obama spew his radical racial views as a means to secure the highest seat in our country will be no better off four years from now if they vote based on race rather than ability.

If those same people would take the time to read his “plan” they would be enlightened as to his lack of understanding for our economy and global security.
Any person who uses the race card for personal gain in the end will get what they deserve. It may put him in the White House but he will go down in history as the “worst” president in our country.

If I were to tell you I was voting for John McCain because he is white, they would call me a racist. What about those people voting for Obama because he is black? They are racists, too. Fair is fair.

As a child of the Baby Boomer era, I would hope that we have moved past the deep seated racial hatred. I guess some of us have but the black community has not. They continue to hang on to the past with no real knowledge of their true history.

Those people standing on the steps of the Detroit City Library should go inside the library and read about slavery. African tribes took other Africans from their villages and made them slaves in the 1500’s; it was those same African tribes that introduced slavery to the white European traders and they made an excellent living selling their own brothers and sisters.

The next time you hear anyone talk about what “whites” did, remind them it was their own black ancestors that created the slavery market place.

The other point I would like to mention is the fact that Obama is half white and yet he continues to align himself with only the black community. Is he denying his white mother, is he ashamed of his white ancestors, is he ashamed of being half white and a racist against white people?

If voting for John McCain because he is right makes me a racist, then I wear that badge proudly.

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