Monday, September 08, 2008

How Stupid are the leaders of the DNC, the Press and Obama team members?

From The Boss at My House:

The conventions are over and we now have a neck-and-neck Presidential race on our hands.

I can't help but sit back and wonder exactly how stupid the DNC leaders, the left–wing press and the Obama team members are.

Obama keeps telling the world that families and children in those families are off limits and no one is listening. They continue to discuss her family and all their family issues, late night talk show hosts do their best to poke fun at the Palin family and Sarah. The press isn't any better with all the trashy magazine covers (US Magazine) and stupid cartoons.

The DNC had a golden opportunity to at least make sure that Hillary was made the VP candidate for the party, but nooooooo, Obama and the good old boy network at the DNC (Michelle Obama also) made sure that was never going to happen.

While Hillary is honestly not a favorite of a lot of people around the country, she is a woman. (Hint, Hint you idiots). Why do you think she polled so well during the campaign for the Democratic nomination? It wasn't her personality, or who her husband is – it is because she is a woman (Hint, Hint you Democratic idiots).

Obama was very smug after beating Hillary and had nothing but praise for her and her abilities. (Obama you lying sack of sh**)

The DNC and Obama must have had their balls in a knot when John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP candidate – a woman!!!!

Payback is a bitch, Barack; you screwed one woman over and now another woman is coming after you and she will show you no mercy.

Barack, if you learn nothing else from this experience, remember this. Moms are like mother bears and you don't f*** with their cubs.

FYI -- In case you didn't notice, my bride is pissed off.

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