Friday, September 12, 2008

The Boss, Part V

These damn Democrats are going to be the death of me...The Boss is still mad as hell...

Well, I was hoping to get to Friday and not have to discuss all the Stupid People but as usual, they keep putting their faces on TV and opening their mouths.

The interview with Gov. Palin and Charles Gibson was a new low for ABC and Gibson (notice I didn't call him "Mr" Gibson). Sitting there as a professor with tenure, reading glasses sitting low on his nose, his posture and whole package was a show of arrogance like I have never seen before. The tone of his questions was insulting and haughty. In his haste to make her look unprepared and not qualified for the role of VP, Gibson was very wrong on the Bush doctrine, not Gov. Palin. (High five, Sarah!)

Has he forgotten basic business etiquette? He may not agree with her politics, he may not agree with her parenting skills, BUT she is the Governor of Alaska and deserves the respect that comes with her position.

Shame on you Gibson. Shame on ABC for not setting a higher standard for their news anchors; shame on you both for showing your media bias.

So Gibson, you win the Stupid People Award for Friday September 12, 2008.

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