Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weather Channel lefties

This kind of thing just chaps my ass. When I went to weather.com today to check the weather for this weekend's Cowboy/Packer game (I GOT TICKETS!), I was presented with this b.s.:
WE ARE NOT IN A RECESSION! At best, we don't know yet. For the morons at the Weather Channel, a recession is defined as 2 quarters in a row of economic contraction ("negative growth" -- why do they use that term?). We have not had a contraction in years. We MIGHT have a contraction this quarter -- but we won't know for 45 days or so. Then we'd need to have a contraction NEXT quarter, too. And we won't know about that until February. What the hell is going on at the Weather Channel...are they cheering for a recession? Damn commies.

So, dammit, we are NOT in a recession now. I am so sick of this b.s. I could stick a copy of the Commerce Dept's report right up the Weather Channel's backside.

And, for the record, there is no man-made global warming, dammit.

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