Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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The next line is to be sung to the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby"

All the stupid people, where do they all come from? All the stupid people, where do they all belong?

I got to thinking this morning about the blog rant I wrote last night about all the "stupid" people in the DNC and this morning it hit me, it is not only the DNC that is full of stupid people. There are others out there fueling the stupidity.

Number one on the list is Oprah, followed closely by Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews of MSNBC, the executives at CBS , NBC, CNN, the New York Times. I could go on, but why? There are plenty of stupid people to write about.

Lets start with Oprah. OH MY GOSH, she is at the pinnacle of stupidity right now. I was talking to my husband this morning about how women are canceling subscriptions to "O" magazine, how they are are writing in and telling her she is no longer welcome in their homes (via TV). I mentioned that the women of this country helped to make her successful and that most of those women were "white". Now I don't want to make this a racial thing, so hear me out. My husband asked how many of these women are "white" and I said around 75 percent . Just to see if I am right, I went to the Internet to check demographics for Oprah.com, and it showed that 77% of the women were white, 15% black, 5% Hispanic, 2% Asian.

If you have ever watched the show her audience is mostly white middle class women. Facts are facts.

So I ask, how can she be so stupid as to not have Sarah Palin on her show? Yeah, yeah, I have heard and read her reasons why, and they are not valid. The last time Obama was on her show was December 2007 and he was not the Democratic nominee yet. He was also on once before that. Oprah did not have on any of the other candidates running for their parties' nominations, nor did she have on any of the Republican nominees. I doubt anyone could call this media bias "fair and balanced." She has the right to have on her show who she wants but we also have the right to change the channel and reject her manipulation of her viewers.

By not having Sarah Palin (or John McCain) on the Oprah Show, Oprah shows her true color (no pun intended) and it is blue. For the first time in history Oprah is taking sides and letting all the world know she is voting for Obama. The hockey moms, soccer moms, football , baseball, basketball moms, PTA moms only want to see Sarah Palin (a hockey mom who most represents them) on the show they have made successful. Sarah Palin is the one candidate that these moms can relate to and identify with.

I can only hope when McCain/Palin win the election this fall and Oprah wants Sarah Palin on her show, that Sarah declines because she is to busy cleaning up the mess the Democratic congress has made.

Oprah, all I have to say is "with this action you have joined the ranks of all the stupid people."

Tomorrow, Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews...can't wait !!!!

She's on a roll...

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