Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Boss, Part VI

Now she's pissed about Barack Obama...gee, there's a surprise.

Oh my gosh, I just heard this on the radio: Barack Obama is black !!!! DUH !!!

What I don't understand is why he has to keep telling us he is black. Why does he have to keep bringing up his ears (if he doesn't like them, then get to a Plastic Surgeon)? It is pretty petty that you, Barack, have to use your physical features to try to garner votes by getting stupid people to feel sorry for you, because you are black with big ears.

Here's news for you Barack: I am NOT blind. I can see your big ears sticking out the sides of your face...and I can see that you're black. So what?? It will not change my mind that you are NOT the right choice to be our next President.

It is your lack of experience, fabrication on your accomplishments, your so-called associates and a lack of knowledge of what the American people and this country need; those are the reasons I am NOT voting for you.

Get over yourself.

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