Monday, March 23, 2009

Deficits Forever! Part Deux

FMR again. I posted about Deficits Forever when Obama came out with his budget and how much red ink we'd have over the next 10 years. This week the Congressional Budget Office revealed its projection of budget deficits. Holy Trillions, Batman!

I would like to point out to you that this does NOT include the cost of Medicare/Medicaid reform, or money for "Universal Healthcare". I don't like it one bit...can you freaking imagine what this would look like if more of The Obaminator's socialist plans get passed by the morons in Congress? Also, this is a good reason to fire Turbo-Tax Tim.

As a taxpayer, I feel that we need to figure out how to stop this soon as more than 50% of the US doesn't pay taxes, they'll vote to tax the rest of us out of existence.

The good news about this CBO report is that is seems to have caused the Congress to pause...pause and reconsider the stupid $3 trillion budget that Obama wants passed. Perhaps...perhaps...we'll get a little backbone out of our elected officials and those 3 Republican traitors won't cross over and vote for the damn thing.

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