Thursday, March 05, 2009

Your Tax Dollars At Rest -- House of Representatives

Let's see...on Tuesday of this week, while the Senate was debating the Omnibus Spending Bill, which funds the government until the end of Sept, I wonder what was going on in the House? Were they getting together and trying to figure out how to compromise with the Senate so that the funding would get passed faster? No... Were they trying to figure out ways to lower your taxes and decrease spending? Haha, nope.

Here's what the morons in the House were working on.

If you can't read what I've highlighted, let me give you the summary:

1. Honoring the life and service of Dr William Spoelhof, President Emeritus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ( I know where it is, thank you.)
2. "Congratulating the University of Mary Washington in Fredricksburg, VA (like I don't know where the school is, duh) for more than 100 years of services and leadership in the United States."
3. Recess from 1.05 to 3.31 (did they go out and play on the swingset at the White House?)
4. Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Protection Act.
5. Civil War Battlefield Preservation Act of 2009. (Now THIS I can get behind.)
6. Designating March 2, 2009 as "Read Across America Day". (Hurray! Let's set aside a day to READ THE SPENDING BILL!)
7. Commending the University of Southern California Trojan football team for its victory in the 2009 Rose Bowl. (Hmmm...did the House just get around to watching this on TIVO? Maybe that's what they were doing during recess...)

You get my point, I hope. You think I want them working on the budget? Hell, no, I'm GLAD they're doing this. Just think...the more time they spend watching Trojans, the less time they spend, well, SPENDING MY MONEY!

Morons...the lunatics are running the asylum.


Anonymous said...

Well (insert Ronald Reagan inflection here), if someone can't read what you highlighted, then I guess they didn't celebrate RAM Day, either. Poor, dumb bastards!!

Anonymous said...

If someone can't read what you highlighted, then I guess they didn't celebrate RAM Day,



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