Friday, March 27, 2009

Money Down the Drain

Here's one of the dumbest ideas yet on how to spend our tax money. It's a bill to establish a commission (yeah, like we need more commissions) to study reparations - yep, reparations - based on the effects of slavery.

I'm a Southerner. I don't agree with slavery. But you want to take my tax dollars and give them to a great-great-great-great grandson or granddaughter of slaves? No.

Since we're going to be colorblind here, how about this: I have a relative (with the same last name!) who fought for the Union during the Civil War. IF these reparations are paid, can I sue those who get the money for my relative's time, costs, and hardship for setting these long-dead relatives free? I mean, come on...if you get money for something that DIDN'T HAPPEN TO YOU, why can't I get some of that money for what DIDN'T HAPPEN TO ME?

Hell, why stop there? In the 60's, my wife was denied admission to Michigan State Univ -- not because she wasn't qualified, but to put a black person in her place...someone with lower grades and lower scores. She was told this TO HER FACE, so that they could make their quota. Can she sue for discrimination? Think about it...aren't our laws supposed to be colorblind?

Morons...complete morons. I want my money back. Quit funding Congress. Screw 'em.

H/T Picture from Tom Palmer's web site.