Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama's Weakly Address Translated

Follow me here. Pinch has commented on the ebonics that Pepsi wants to teach you. I have lamented the crap that our politicians spew (I'm shocked, shocked!). Here is a great set of captions covering the Prez's latest Weakly Address. Watch and laugh...then you can cry.

I slept in late this morning (too many beers with Pinch yesterday), so caught the Prez on radio. Good Lord, what a gift he has! Too bad that gift is one of reading bullshit from the teleprompter.

And, as always, it's an honor to meet a patriot like Pinch who serves our country. Thanks for what you do, Pinch! Except for that writing-The-Book-thing we talked about. Hehe.

H/T Right Wing News