Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wrong Region DVD's

When Obama gave Gordon Brown those 25 CD's, several folks joked that they probably could only be played in US DVD players. Well, guess what? It's true. When Brown went to watch one, the message "Wrong Region" came up on his screen.

Mark Steyn, as usual, hits it on the head:
"I haven't run into Gordon Brown in over a decade, but my memory of the last time I met him in a TV green room is of a glowering misanthropic type who enjoys nursing a grudge. What doesn't go around (in the DVD player) comes around. When the President and his Teleprompter visit London for the G20 summit in a couple of weeks, it would be a tragedy were Barack Oprompta to rise for his big speech to find nothing but the words "Wrong Region" flashing on his screen."
Should we give him a CD of The Spinners?

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H/T The Corner.