Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Not-So-Bright Idea

You may not know it, but this is the shape of your future:

The gummint has dictated that we all must buy these compact fluorescent lights (CFL). Indeed, the gummint had made it illegal for you and I to have a choice at the store in 2012 when we buy bulbs...the traditional, Edison-invented incandescent bulb will not be allowed to be sold. How's that for Big Brother? (Note: 100-watt bulbs no longer sold in 2012; 75-watt and 60-watt in 2014).

In today's NYTimes (don't worry - I don't subscribe), there is an article about how the CFL bulbs are a big disappointment. Bulbs aren't lasting, thereby not allowing Michael Moore and Al Gore to keep their word on saving the planet.

Here's the dumbest quote in the article:
Experts and bulb manufacturers say that consumers need to play a role in solving the problems by learning more about the limitations of compact fluorescent bulbs.
So let's see...we're being FORCED to buy them, but we need to learn the limitations of them. Sounds like we're going to have a hard time reading at night. Your gummint at voted for it.