Sunday, March 29, 2009

TIME and Time again...

...Time just can't get it right.

I appreciate the fact that they have an online set of pictures that indicates that Basra is now a relatively safe and secure town. However, the caption tells all. I know it's a small mistake, but from the photographer to the author of the story to the copy reader to the editor, no one caught that a Hercules is a prop, not a jet. It's technically a ain't a jet. Both jets and turboprops provide the power of flight, but they are different animals.

This is equivalent to calling a touchdown a field's correct in the abstract (that points were scored), but it's a totally incorrect description of the detail -- you don't know that The Mad Bomber has struck instead of the fact that someone made a 63-yard chipshot of a kick.

This is just another indication that Time is not taking the War in Iraq, or indeed any war, very seriously. If they had reporters and editors who were truly knowledgeable about the equipment used by our armies, then perhaps we might take the rest of their articles more seriously.

OK, this is a crotchety post, out of respect for COB6. So there.

Screen grab from Time online.

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Time just can't get it right.



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