Thursday, March 12, 2009

Deficits Forever!

The US Treasury (UST) has a Financial Management Service (FMS) which released the current projections for Federal Budget Deficits (FBD) for the next ten years (NTY).


Over at The Corner, Veronique de Rugy points out:

...according to Obama’s own ten-year deficit projections (see chart), a New Era of Responsibility produces bigger deficits every single year than during the Bush years: $1.75 trillion in 2009 to $533 billion by 2013 — this budget projects higher deficits in 2014 ($570 billion), 2015 ($583 billion), and 2016 ($637 billion). In 2019, the final year in the budget, the deficit is projected to be $712 billion.
See what Hope and Change (HAC) gets ya? Well FMR.

H/T The Corner

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See what Hope and Change



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