Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama and his lack of (you name it)


This man in the White House seems to forget he is living in the "People's" White House.

For him to return the bust of Winston Churchill is a slap to the face of every British subject. The article of justification in the London Telegraph only shows Obama is making this personal and forgetting that the White House and everything in it represents "all the people" of this country. Not just him and his ancestors.

Obama is lacking in Diplomatic Etiquette, to say nothing of his table manners. This man should be ashamed of himself and his staff for not knowing how to handle diplomatic protocol when dealing with foreign dignitaries.

As a citizen of this country I am ashamed as to how Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife were treated while in this country and I apologize to them.

Some may argue that this “is no big deal” but pile onto that his wife’s lack of table manners, his lack of military protocol, his flat out dumbness in the area of gift giving to foreign visitors of the people's White House shows him and his family for what they are, which is Little Leaguers trying to pitch in the majors.

Where I'm from, we'd call someone like this "white trash". -- TiW

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