Sunday, March 08, 2009

Judith Miller, Useful Idiot

On Friday's Special Report with Bret Baier, the analysts were discussing the classless gifts that Obama gave Gordon Brown. A CD set of 25 movies? Not to mention that Brown is blind in one eye and impaired in the other. As the panel discussed whether the gift to Brown was less than appropriate, Miller had her say. Always a study in Emily Post etiquette, Judith Milller:

"What have they done for us lately?"

You have to love Charles Krauthammer, who shot back:

"They have fought and died with us in Iraq."

Judith Miller should be given the prize for best guest: an anvil and a push off into the Potomac. Certainly Fox should drop her.


Locutisprime said...

I didn't see the interview, but I share the sentiments. And they can get rid of Mort Kondracke while they are at it.

Vince said...

I didn't see t



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